Saturday, 7 August 2010

First they came for This Troper...

...and I did not speak out because it wasn't that important.

Now, though. Now the mods have cut one too many of the fun trope pages. The ones that, while they weren't in the charter of the wiki, contributed to the atmosphere of aliveness and became part of the shared language where you could communicate a block of concepts by potholing - Tim Berners-Lee's hyperlinking at its finest. ThisTroper, TheToblerone, RapeTheDog have all fallen. Taking SoYeah was the straw that broke the dromedary. People are always the most creative when they're unrestricted, which is what There Is No Such Thing As Notability was supposed to encourage - though I wondered from the start how long this growth would continue.

When reminded some tropes are more notable than others, that the mods have the power by the exercising of that power, fear sets in. A chilling effect has been introduced and creativity slows down.

I can't stop them from cutlisting, I don't have the time or the energy to join in to every discussion. But I can archive the pages and give them a final resting place.

(Sorry about the hiatus - guess this blog will have a purpose after all!)

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